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Ruizhi Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd (Former Name Ruixing Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd) is established at year of 1995, main product is paper bag making machine. With the expansion of production scale, in 2003, we rebuilt ourself as  Ruizhi Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd in Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, China, while mainly trades in side sealing plastic bag making machine, we self-developed our new line of product, paper bag making machine.
Now our priority is paper bag making machine and side sealing plastic bag making machine, our machine is in great demand all around China, and we also have a big share of exporting business to Europe, America, Asia, Africa and so on.
Our product is listed in two national Torch Programs, and have acquired over twenty national patents, tested as standard product by the Quality Supervise Inspecting Center of Zhejiang Province, passed the appraisal of the provincial Science and Technology achievement, all technical indexes ranks in leading position of domestic similar products.
Our company does not only provide superior quality product, but also with comprehensive services, including technical consultation, installation and testing, training operators, and also supply relevant corollary equipment and packing material & etc.
Our goal is to offer life-long service to achieve own continuous good development, and that’s also what we fighting for!

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